Music for Workplace Wellness

Music for Workplace Wellness

Music for Workplace Wellness

Music for Workplace Wellness

Did you know that music and sound can help with improving workplace wellness?

Don’t just take our word on this, Albert Einstein said it himself!

Einstein At Piano,1933

Einstein – Music and Intuition

“It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery of the theory of relativity was the result of musical perception.” ~ Albert Einstein

Having problems with employee morale?  Seeing frequent tardiness and lack of enthusiasm in your staff?  Workplace wellness leads to increased productivity.

We help you manage employee health and workplace wellness before it turns into pain management. Here’s what our Workplace Wellness Partner Filice Insurance has to say:

Worksite health promotion is an investment in your most important asset, your employees.

Studies have shown that employees are more likely to be on the job and performing well when they are in optimal physical and psychological health. Employees are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and value a company that values them.

Worksite health promotion improves company productivity by:

Attracting the most talented workers
Reducing absenteeism and lost time
Improving on-the-job time utilization and decision making
Improving employee morale, which leads to a reduction in turnover

Schedule a Productivity Boost to increase workplace efficiency! Call Cheri today, at 619-353-5151  to schedule a complimentary consultation and needs assessment.

Learn about music and sound related health and wellness programs for improving employee productivity! A vibrationally balanced human being is resourceful, energized and ready to respond in healthy ways.

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