I’d like to share my story with you, and some things that I have been through that let me along my path, to get here…


Do you ever feel like you are seeking for something more, and do not even have the time you need to look for it?

Do you have an often occurring thought that, some day you will escape everything and your life will be different than it is today?

Are you simply too tired and busy to even try and make changes to your current lifestyle?

Well, I have felt the same way, and often still do!! Which is exactly why I have so much access to and experience with various modalities and resources that will help you. 😉

I do not only wish to be an Inspiration to you, I intend to be your source of Illumination.  I learned from one of my favorite mentors and coaches, Max Simon, founder of Big Vision Business, that a source of illumination, helps you to light your own way along the path, with me as a guide, merely shining the light a little bit ahead of you.  Not too far ahead, just enough to keep your spirits up, and help you stay on your path.  Together we will travel far.

This is why I am devoted to and excited about offering YOU the tools, resources and knowledge to help you improve the areas of your life that you most wish to enhance!

Strong Life



Are you constantly dealing with stress, and feeling like you do not have enough time to get everything done? Maybe you feel like it’s impossible to have any time for your self?  Does this ring a bell ?

You have an inner voice that comes through, sometimes faintly and sometimes really strong and loud, urging you to make some well needed changes in your life, but you usually push it back down, convinced that you simply don’t have time to work on those changes right now.  There’s always something that deems to be more urgent, pressing, or important to take up your precious time. Sometimes it seems like a sheer fantasy.

It goes like this.  You wish you could escape, and get out of the crazy busy life you’ve become so entrenched in over the years.  You fantasize about this.  Sometimes it seems real. Though you resign to decide that it is never truly going to happen.  Not in this lifetime, at least.  So, you carry on as usual.

keep calm and carry on



If any of these thoughts pass through your mind, or keep getting filtered out and don’t even get a chance to be heard or noticed, then we have something in common!  Read on, my friend, as we explore how to handle this.

You may see, or meet, or know someone who seems to have a balanced life, and appears to have it all together, and living their dream… You think, well that is just not possible for me in this lifetime, I already made my decisions and my life is the way it is, I have chosen the wrong path, and my career is already too far along, it’s too late for me to make any serious life changes.

Then… you fantasize about how great it would be to have your dream become a reality. You know, that dream which appears out of nowhere and gets you excited, and then gets tucked away for fear of impossibility to actually achieve it. At the same time, there is a huge disconnect.

You feel more and more the separation between where you are and what you want to be. The more you try to hide it, ignore it, push it away, dismiss it, or tell yourself, I’ll think about this later, the more obvious the disconnect becomes.

mushroom seesaw

Finally, you have to do something about it. You don’t know what. But you know something has to change, because your life is not working anymore. You begin to notice that your actual life is the same, however your  feelings about it have shifted, and you own awareness of what’s not working has changed.

You have become consciously aware of the disconnect between where you are and where you want to be. You feel that this can’t go on anymore. That’s how it progresses.



Imagine feeling open, light, calm, peaceful, and focused.  What if you could feel more creative, and spacious? What will your life be like, when you are more balanced and in control of your thoughts?  Imagine how your life will change when you become efflorescent and alive, confident and clear thinking.

imagine yourself being...


I found on this website blog where I credit the photo to, a quote from one of my favorite authors of my twenties…  “We are what we imagine ourselves to be.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Yes, the way to start is by imagining what you want, imagining how your ideal life can be, and imagining that you can have it.  That is the start, on this path we are all on.

One of my FREE HEALING MUSIC RESOURCES the YOGA NIDRA guided exercise is a great start to help you get into this zone of possibility expansion. I have many other favorites too, including THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS meditation, by Vishen Lakhiani which I listen to nearly every day, and I often email and text it to my friends and loved ones who wish to improve their busy lives to a more meaningful life of contribution, growth, and experience.



I myself went from working and living a crazy life style and being a slave to my job, a victim of not enough time, and owing my life away, in fact, I was earning over 6 figures and was still not able to keep up with all I owed.  I ended up diving off the deep end, and even went through a bankruptcy and I let go of all I had. Luckily I had yoga as a huge part of my life, as I went through a lot of shifts in my paradigm, to start off on my own path.

My path is one of vitality, grace, love, and passion for being the authentic version of me.  I dove from the high ladder of being a slave to time and money, to being in control of my life, in control of my time, in control of my thoughts. Yoga helped me to do this, got me much more grounded and connected to my inner self, and helped me find my purpose and set new goals.  Yoga continues to be a huge stepping stone along my journey.

we are our thoughts.

I went from always being late, to always being early and punctual.  It was  a shift in my thinking and acting that I was in control of and intended to create.  I am still in the process of growing my income, however I am no longer steeped in debt and I have come to grips with and working on how to have a better relationship with money. I have personally experienced all of the modalities that I share with you on this journey.  That is how I intimately know how the mind and body need to be trained, or re-trained for leading the life we want.

As for the relationship part, I am still learning and growing about that too.  I will say, that my open-ness, expectations, and ideas about love and relationship, even my perspective about Soul Mates has dramatically shifted and opened up.  There is a lot involved to live a balanced life, and we will take action on all of it, here!!

Many of the things I have learned, come from accessing and responding to a subtle energy that takes over our life and helps us to achieve our intentions and goals, once we can learn to tap into that.  It is known by lots of names, maybe we can use the terms yoga or Reiki for the simplification of it here. It may be more or less subtle or accessible, to each person, however the tools and techniques presented here will help you tap into that.

As you listen more and become more open to the thoughts, ideas, events, and interactions, that stimulate your mind and spirit, you will want to follow those connections. It is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.



You are determined to do something about it. You plan time to get away, go on a retreat, a vacation, or you get a little break from your routine. Not much, however enough to see that there may be some areas you wish to improve upon or change when you “get back”.

Perhaps you have some insight or flashes of inspiration while you’re away.  You know what I’m talking about, that idea for a business you’d like to start, thoughts of taking an art class, working on a book you’ve dreamed about writing. You think about a possible change in your career, or your desire kicks in to volunteer for a non-profit organization that excites you.

You day dream about it, you may discuss it with your spouse, or a friend, especially with a stranger you meet on your travels. In fact, you may very likely come into contact with new people, who inspire fresh ways of thinking and initiate absurd ideas that sneak into you mind…


vacation inspiration



So, you try a few things.  You actually enroll in an exercise program or a yoga class.

What happens?  You go to a few sessions, and can’t really keep the schedule, because something more pressing comes up.  You intend to continue on your own at home, yet never quite do.

Blog « Yoga Activist www.yogaactivist.org

Blog « Yoga Activist www.yogaactivist.org


You look for and try out a meditation class.

Well, you feel like you can’t meditate, because you can’t sit still and your mind keeps on going crazy while you are there trying to do it, you keep thinking of all of the other things you need to be doing, and it feels like a waste of your so precious time. Oh well, you tried.  After all, meditation isn’t for everyone, is it?

Yoga for PTSD | Meditate On This www.meditateonthis.com

Yoga for PTSD | Meditate On This



Then either gradually or quite often, just as sudden as inspiration came, it all disappears, and everything returns to “normal”. You’re rushed again, laundry piles up, kids need to be taken to activities, you are very short on time, and deadlines have crunched up while you were gone. When you dare to look at your inbox, everything seems to be completely worse than before you even left.

Get serious, you say to yourself, “what was I thinking?!!” You barely have any time to sleep, let alone adding a new activity or trying to squeeze in a meditation or exercise class to your unending stream of activities and work.

Leona Morelock | Our ourdailycoffee.wordpress.com



You decide to try and integrate healthy eating habits into your routine, so you can do that without much interruption to the total flow of your hectic life.  You choose a new dietary restriction, like eating organic, gluten free, vegan, sugar free, vegetarian, or you decide to implement another popular diet that everyone seems to be talking about. You know it’s suppose to be good for you, these dietary changes, and you feel it may help you overcome some of those other areas of life, you’ve been having ongoing struggle with, such as weight loss, getting into shape, improving your complexion, helping your digestion, lowering cholesterol, etc…

What happens?  You try it for a while, probably feel great about the changes you have implemented and you even notice some improvement in your physical body and on an emotional and energetic level.  You tell people about it, or they may even notice and ask you what is different.

Then, somehow over a period of weeks or months, you gradually shift back to your old familiar eating habits.  It is probably a combination of factors, involved that you subtly and slowly realize you are back where you started from, and eating again as usual.

Why does this happen?  Read on… my friend, we will explore this, and find the solution for it!



This is probably going on too. You’ve had a glimpse of some new better way you’d like to be in the world.  You have seen an incredible, yet unbelievable image of your future self. (I LOVE this Future Self Visualization guided by Jac MacNeil.) Your future self is so mighty and evolved from where you are now. Making more contribution, spending quality time with loved ones, creating a greater impact and doing meaningful work, getting started with a special project that is needed out in the world.


6 future-self continuity



You have seen this future self.  You are drawn to it.  However, there is no way. You don’t have time or energy or motivation to tackle this.  You don’t even know where and how you would start to reach that version of yourself if you did have the time, energy and motivation.


You stay stuck.  Ouch.

You stay stuck



Instead of trying to fix things, it works best to resolve and embrace them.  Rather than avoid, learn to transform. It’s a bit tricky at first, however there is definitely a fine art to this.

Here’s what’s required.  From experience, I know.  It’s happened to me too. I’ve gone through this, and I’ve talked to people, interviewed them, and listened to many hours of interview conversations with people who have transformed their lives in these ways.  I have spent thousands of dollars on trainings, and spent thousands of hours on programs and coaching, learning, doing, practicing, and growing, developing.

I am out here on the front lines, making my life happen every day.  It is an ongoing process.  However, it is definitely worth the time and devotion. You will get out what you put in, and even more.

cow and mountain


I have found my unique calling and from that I have designed effective strategies to help you find yours.  Thus, I bring you programs for your own growth and development using music, energy and various modalities of thought programming.

Yes, it can be hard to move forward following your inner calling.  Especially when you don’t know exactly what that inner calling is saying to you. 😉  In a world that merits you for following what others do, and urges you to work harder and longer for the goals and ambitions which may have been placed upon you by others.

It doesn’t feel good being stuck, and you know that you have so much more to offer. You feel like you’re compromising and selling yourself  short because that spark inside you has been awakened and now desires expression.


employ magical thinking



As an entrepreneurial spirit, yogini, and experimentalist, who has been through all of this too, I have an idea of why you are still where you are, and what needs to be done to shift that positioning.

Yes, I can see inside of you and what you are thinking.  Having been on the other side of the spectrum, where that little voice grew louder and louder, BIGGER and STRONGER, and now runs my life…

It took years and time, effort, devotion, practice, more practice, trial and error. There were ups and downs, programs, practice, and did I say practice?  It took time, space, energy, effort, letting go, allowing.  I needed and drew upon great reserves of creativity, patience, receptivity, more patience.  I practiced and learned listening, receptivity, allowing, and letting go.  And more of the above.




Commit to the long term

Recognize that changes happen gradually

Steady ongoing progress is the key element to success

Continue even when, ESPECIALLY WHEN, it seems like nothing is happening

Trust in the process

Be strict, yet kind to your self

Have a plan, stick to it, and get back on it when you fall off



I know you can get much better results when you have a program with a private coach to keep you on track and motivated. I have created special programs with music and healing for transformation and growth. With my help, you will move forward consistently and steadily in a way that is right for you.

I will give you the tools and resources you require to integrate into your own life, with step by step transformations proven to provide results. You will become empowered and change your life to become the best version of your self.



In this exciting three month program, you get to choose one area of your life you wish to make a big change in, and I facilitate that with you, using modalities and resources, that will catapult you to where you desire to be.

Choose Money, Love, Physical Body, or Health as a major theme to improve.

You will receive:

Once a month in-person (if you are local) energy or music healing sessions of one hour;
Twice a month (bi-weekly) 30-minute phone calls with your designated coach;
Weekly assignments for you to work on.

Daily practices to integrate into your life.
Instant upgrades to implement as needed.
Emergency help in the form of spiritual first aid.

Three Month Program: $997 paid up front,
Contact me for more details and enrollment.

Cheri Gross Yogini

Cheri Gross Yogini

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